The Brothers Path Is Awarded a Brag Medallion!

One of the biggest pitfalls to Indie publishing — self-publishing — is that 900 million people are doing it. Half (all?) the people in the world believe they “have a book in them.” This is great except a lot of the books they have in them aren’t proofread or edited or, well, or a lot of other things.

This has created a reasonable stigma where self-published books are concerned, and that stigma is very difficult to shake.

Out of this situation IndieBRAG arose, and its mission is to promote — after rigorous reviews and critiques — indie published works that are “worth the reader’s time and money.”


Today I got the fabulous news that The Brothers Path has been awarded a BRAG Medallion! This means all three of my novels, Martin of Gfenn, Savior and The Brothers Path can wear the BRAG Medallion “seal of approval.” I’m very happy!



Insightful Review of The Brothers Path

Lisl Zltini of Before the Second Sleep has read two of my novels, first Savior  and now The Brothers Path. The two are related. They tell of members of the same family but separated by several generations. Savior is set in the 13th century and The Brothers Path in the 16th. Because she has read both books, Lisl’s perspective is unique (so far!) because, even though The Brothers Path is a stand-alone novel, in one or two sections it alludes to events, objects and places described in Savior.

Non-Fiction in My Fiction

IndieBRAG has invited me to write several posts on their blog. Here is the second which relates my experiences researching the Schneebeli family (my ancestors!) and how what I learned evolved into a novel:

“Non-Fiction and the Brothers Path”

My consuming interest as a writer of historical fiction is to get as close as I can to the daily life of my characters who are, usually, just ordinary people. I’m most interested in how these sweeping events that are sketched for us in “history” were in their lives. With The Brothers Path I had some very intriguing facts on which to hang the story.